Worship leader survey

Worship leader survey

DF will be looking to fill its Worship Leader position later in 2020. In order to advertise and start looking for candidates, Pastor Mike will seek input from congregants both in historical and in the following defined areas:

  • Ratings and Input of Historical areas of Worship of DF (over last couple of years)
  • Ranking of Position (Worship Leader) Functions
  • Listing of Key Attributes of a Candidate

Ratings of Historical Areas of DF Worship *

Please, rank on a scale of 1 (lesser) to 10 (greatest)

Overall Ranking of DF's Worship Portion of Church Service
Type and Lyrics of Songs Chosen For Worship (Type, tempo, meaningfulness, etc.)
Quality/Music Production of Worship Time (Sound, mix, instrumentation, level)
Connectiveness Felt During Worship (feeling, mood, ties to message, participation rate)

Ranking of Position (Worship Leader) Functions *

On a scale of 1 (lesser) to 5 (greatest) – Rank “Most Important” Worship Leader Function. Please rank them according to your preference, with five being most important to you and one being least important. Keep in mind that all are important, but I'd like to clarify what your preferences are. So, please rank them according to your preference.

Music/Song Selection – (style, type, feel)
Connectiveness of Worship time
Relationship of Worship Leader With Congregation
Quality of Voice and/or Musical Instrument
Supports and Dovetails Music/Songs With Message and Seasons/Themes/Programs

Listing of Key Attributes of a Candidate *

In your own words, please list a minimum of three “main attributes” (qualities, skills) sought in the DF Worship Leader

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Confidential – Information to only be shared with Pastor Mike Stewart